[pvrusb2] pvrusb2 vs. em8300

Roger J. Allen rja at firkraag.rogera.net
Thu Feb 23 14:58:52 CST 2006

On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Michael Roitzsch wrote:

> I can report one interesting finding I just made: When I load the
> em8300 modules after the pvrusb2 is initialized, the audio works, and
> so does the DXR3. I just had some crackling in the audio with this
> setup, but those appear to be transient.
> Can anyone draw some conclusions from the significance of the module
> loading order, before I use this to hack a workaround?

I just tried loading the em8300 module first, and then the pvrusb2.
The audio still works fine for me.  The Dxr3 and pvrusb2 both have
video and audio working no matter which module gets loaded first.

Roger J. Allen

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