[pvrusb2] pvrusb2-mci-20070114 radio support - stereo?

Pantelis pakt223 at freemail.gr
Sat Jan 20 05:57:07 CST 2007

Στις Σάββατο 20 Ιανουάριος 2007 12:34, ο/η Hans Verkuil έγραψε:
> On Saturday 20 January 2007 05:17, Mike Isely wrote:
> > Got it!  I've got stereo FM radio working now.  The root cause was a
> > VIDIOC_S_TUNER command (which carried instructions to switch to
> > stereo mode) which wasn't making it to the tuner core.
> >
> > A new snapshot will be forthcoming.
> Mike,
(Since mike is probably asleep currently,  I 'm taking the liberty to answer

> Is this a change that is also relevant for ivtv?
I don 't think this is relevant for ivtv both because the reporter of the bug 
verified that his PVR-150 works correctly and because from a brief look
at the ivtv code, it seems to pass the offending VIDIOC_S_TUNER correctly 

> I also noticed in tuner-core.c that audmode is used for both radio and
> TV tuner. I think that this should be split into a radio_audmode and a
> tv_audmode field.
Sorry, don 't know much about that. What would be the gain though?
Supporting boards that have different tuner chips for radio and tv?


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