[pvrusb2] periodic, sporadic hanging

Nick Cabatoff ncc at cs.mcgill.ca
Thu Jan 25 19:07:52 CST 2007

Hi all,

First, thanks Mike (and those who came before you) for the driver.
Overall I'm very happy with it.  There's just one problem: every few
days, for reasons that are unclear to me, I get this message in the

  pvrusb2: Failed to submit write-control URB status=-19

I'm running mythtv, and the backend stops responding after this.  If I
kill the backend, it becomes a zombie and won't die.  I can't unload
the pvrusb2 module at this point.  As far as I know my only option at
this point is to reboot.  Even rebooting doesn't seem to do the trick:
although the device appears to reinitialize properly according to the
logs, I'm not able to open the device unless I powercycle it.  (And
powercycling without rebooting isn't sufficient either.)

Initially I ran with the standalone version (20061230) on 2.6.17
(ubuntu edgy stock kernel).  Then my frustration with this problem led
me to install the kernel from kernel.org, and the problem
reoccured using the in-kernel version.  I just installed the latest
standalone version, again on the kernel.  Since I don't see
anything in the changelog relating to my issue, I'm expecting the
problem to reoccur.  What debug options should I set (and where) in
order to dig deeper into this problem?

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