[pvrusb2] PARTIAL SUCCESS Re: terratec grabster av400.. short report..

Rod Smith rodsmith at rodsbooks.com
Thu Mar 22 23:45:59 CDT 2007

On Thursday 22 March 2007 23:34, Mike Isely wrote:
> Andrea Venturi <a.venturi at cineca.it> wrote:
> > as i told in the first report, in the .inf file of the driver i can see
> > some reference of two 8051 codes:
> >
> > - hmngbrd.bix
> > - Eagle.bix
> I've heard of "hummingbird" as a term refering to another reference
> design built around the cx23416 (or maybe it was "bluebird").  The
> other term I have not heard.

Not that it's important for this discussion, but.... You might be thinking 
of "blackbird," which is a reference design using the CX23416 along with a 
CX2388x. The AVerMedia AVerTV M150-D is an example of a PCI board that uses 
this design. (I happen to own one.) Here's one wiki entry for the CX88, which 
mentions the blackbird design but doesn't go into any real technical detail:


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