[pvrusb2] HVR 1900: How do I use analogue only (avoid using it for DVB ) ?

Martin Dauskardt martin.dauskardt at gmx.de
Wed Jul 8 14:49:56 CDT 2009

> That would be an issue with the application -- not the driver.
> This is *not* the first supported hybrid analog / digital device to
> appear and be supported under linux.  There are many other devices
> that allow analog and digital video reception, while only allowing one
> at a time.
> The application needs to treat the analog and digital interfaces as
> two sides to a single device.
> Regards,
> Mike Krufky

This would be the perfect solution, but I know that Klaus Schmidinger has no 
plans to support analogie devices - vdr is a DVB only application. The usage 
with analogue devices (pvrinput plugin) is developed as a community project.

How does mythtv handle hybrid devices?

Maybe I can solve my problems with vdr's parameters:

  -D NUM,   --device=NUM   use only the given DVB device (NUM = 0, 1, 2...)
                           there may be several -D options (default: all DVB
                           devices will be used)

.. and with the existing pvrusb2 module parameters 

My idea:

modprobe pbrusb2 adapter_nr=9

vdr -D 0 -D 1 -D 2 -D 3 -Ppvrinput

This example should allow vdr using three DVB cards, while non of them would 
be the HVR. I will test it as soon as my HVR 1900 arrives.


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