[pvrusb2] 29xxx pvrusb2 device initialization problems

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Sat Feb 6 11:09:18 CST 2010

On Sat, 6 Feb 2010, akp2akp2 wrote:

> Hello Mike,
> just a guess, but did you try to put a USB-Hub WITH own power supply
> between laptop and the 29xxx device to rule out bad signal or power by
> aging of the USB components of your laptop?
> Grettings, Ansgar

Actually, yes I did try that.  It made no difference - behavior was the 
same as without the hub.  That is to say the device jammed after 
firmware download, and if I manually replugged it then I got hit with a 
series of USB errors, the port got downshifted to full speed, and then 
it initialized successfully.

I probably should mentioned this before but didn't because it didn't 
produce any notable differences.

Thanks for guessing :-)



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