[pvrusb2] 29xxx pvrusb2 device initialization problems

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Sat Feb 6 11:13:00 CST 2010

On Fri, 5 Feb 2010, Roger wrote:

> > , but then there 
> > is no further progress.  The last useful message in the kernel log (i.e. 
> > dmesg output) will be:
> > 
> > pvrusb2: Device microcontroller firmware (re)loaded; it should now reset and reconnect.
> I've seen this *exact* scenario -- and it's a direct conflict of lirc
> trying to communicate on the bus.  Once a conflict occurs, all further
> transmissions cease.


That is *not* the same scenario.  We're talking about a jam-up 
immediately after the FX2 firmware has been downloaded.  This is very 
very early in the initialization process.  At this stage, the driver's 
I2C adapter has not been initialized and the rest of the kernel can't 
see the I2C bus.  This is long before any kind of communication with the 
chips on the device is even possible.  Therefore lirc simply can't 
interfere at this point.

And if you still don't believe me, heck, lirc isn't even *installed* on 
either test system right now!



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