[pvrusb2] 29xxx pvrusb2 device initialization problems

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Sun Feb 7 14:35:00 CST 2010

On Sun, 7 Feb 2010, vdb128 at picaros.org wrote:

> > But remember that I'm also running that same kernel on my 
> > desktop system and THERE the 29032 device initializes perfectly.  
> > Perhaps the USB hardware is different on the two?  Well, apparently not, 
> > according to lspci.  One both machines this is what lspci says about the 
> > USB host controllers.  It's identical in both places:
> It might be a compiler peculiarity.  If feasible, copy the 
> kernel image from the desktop to the laptop and install it as an 
> alternative boot image.  

Another good guess.  But...

When I say I'm running the same image on both it actually is the 
bit-for-bit same image.  When I build kernels here, I build them into 
Debian packages.  Then I can install the package wherever needed.  So in 
this case it really *is* the same build running on both machines - 
installed using the Debian package installer.

I'm starting to think more and more that this is some sort of race 
condition happening at a very low level involving the USB host 
controller.  The relative timing of the two machines will definitely be 
different: The laptop where it doesn't work with certain kernels is a 
Core2 Duo running at 1.7 GHz.  But the desktop where it always works 
with all kernels is a Core2 Quad running at 2.66GHz.  Unfortunately that 
guess doesn't help in leading to a root cause.



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