[pvrusb2] Trouble installing pvr-usb2 standalone driver for new hvr-1950

Jesse Rimshas jesse.rimshas at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 07:19:05 CST 2010


I wonder if you can point me in the right direction. I just recieved a brand
new hauppage hvr-1950 (75111LF REV D1F5) a few days back and I'm about ready
to return the dang thing. I'm unsure whether I have a version which requires
16kb firmware or not.

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 with generic kernel 2.6-31-19. Most of the time my
Hauppage is not recognized and dmesg returns the following:

[   14.356312] usb 1-6: firmware: requesting v4l-pvrusb2-73xxx-01.fw
[   14.423103] pvrusb2: ***WARNING*** Device fx2 controller firmware seems
to be missing.
[   14.423156] pvrusb2: Did you install the pvrusb2 firmware files in their
proper location?
[   14.423162] pvrusb2: request_firmware unable to locate fx2 controller
file v4l-pvrusb2-73xxx-01.fw
[   14.423167] pvrusb2: Failure uploading firmware1
[   14.423171] pvrusb2: Device initialization was not successful.
[   14.423174] pvrusb2: Giving up since device microcontroller firmware
appears to be missing.

Last night it somehow got recognized by the kernel (and stayed that way
through multiple reboots until I unplugged and replugged it this morning),
but w_scan yielded no frequencies. I checked and indeed, the firmware file
in firmware/dvr/ was 8kb. Is it possible the system somehow randomly
"grabbed" the wrong firmware, or partial firmware, but this was enough to
allow me to w_scan without results? That's the only explanation I'm coming
up with.

So if I need the 16kb driver, which it appears I will, I'm afraid I'm going
to need help installing it. There's not a lot out there on the forum for
newbies since this is a fairly recent issue, and I've only been using Linux
for a couple of months. Is there any chance you could point me in the right
direction of how to compile standalone driver, and how to install the
firmware provided on this site, in a GUI like Ubuntu? (For example, I've
read the setup instructions several times but I'm really sure what it means
to compile the driver reasonably close to a suitable source tree.) Another
gentleman is having the same issue. You can see our thread over at

Sorry for being distribution specific, I'm really very new to Linux.



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