pvrusb2 Linux Driver Change History

There are 464 changes across 106 snapshots shown here.

pvrusb2-mci-20120219 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20120115 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20110501 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20110116 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20100708 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20100425 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20100424 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20100221 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20091124 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20091031 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20091011 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20090919 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20090626 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20090616 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20090509 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20090315 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20090115 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20081019 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20080831 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20080725 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20080629 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20080420 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20080210 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20080208 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20080120 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20071202 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20071124 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20071122 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20071116 (download)

Note: This driver version implements a massive pile of changes mostly having to do with control of the streaming pipeline. This is the largest amount of churn since the 20051231 snapshot back in Dec 2005 when the I2C module control mechanism was reworked. I have however beat on the driver quite a bit and it looks very solid. The most obvious outward effect of these changes is that video corruption now should be far far more difficult to cause. Maybe it's completely gone now (I can no longer cause it to corrupt at all.) Thanks go to Hans Verkuil, who provided me with the key clues here that resulted in these changes. But with all that said, this is a big block of changes and I definitely want to hear if people see any new problems crop up. (I'd also like to hear if people actually see any improvements too.)

pvrusb2-mci-20071104 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20071013 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070828 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070428a (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070428 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070407 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070227 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070207 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070127 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070121 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070119 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070118 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20070114 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20061230 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20061229 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20061227 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20061119 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20061029 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20061007 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20061003 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060924 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060903 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060726 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060702 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060626 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060625 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060607 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060517 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060423 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060418 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060417 (download)

Note: Model 24xxx series hardware should work considerably better with this driver version.

pvrusb2-mci-20060329 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060326 (download)

Note: While this driver version includes even more changes to support operation of the newer 24xxx model series, we're still not quite there yet.

pvrusb2-mci-20060318 (download)

Note: While this driver version includes a number of changes to support operation of the newer 24xxx model series, we're still not quite there yet.

pvrusb2-mci-20060209 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060121 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060107 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060103 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060102A (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060102 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20060101 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20051231A (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20051231 (download)

Note: This snapshot implements a considerable amount of new logic surrounding operation of the support modules. There might be some new instabilities introduced here. If you have new problems with this snapshot, please post on the pvrusb2 list. (So far however it looks solid.)

pvrusb2-mci-20051226 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20051208 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20051206 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20051126 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20051113 (download)

Note that this snapshot does not implement ANY new features. The changes here are all code reorganization and adaptations in preparation for possible inclusion into v4l.

pvrusb2-mci-20051110 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20051109 (download)

Note that this snapshot does not implement ANY new features. The changes here are all code reorganization in preparation for possible inclusion into v4l.

pvrusb2-mci-20051016 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050921 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050911 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050828 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050824 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050804 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050722 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050717 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050716 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050626 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050620 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050619 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050605 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050527 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050520 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050516 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050515 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050505 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050430 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050427 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050423 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050421 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050313 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050311 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050227 (download)

pvrusb2-mci-20050217 (download)

(Aurelien's 07112004 snapshot starting point)