[pvrusb2] It's alive! or Findings so far

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Sat Sep 10 06:17:12 CDT 2005

On Sat, 10 Sep 2005, Per Christian Henden wrote:

> Hi,
> Yay! It's working!
> Hehe, it required some tweaking.
> I had the following problem:
> When I used mplayer, I got a bad picture.
> The color and placement of parts of the picture was completely wrong.
> When I used xawtv I didn't get a picture.
> My solution: start xawtv before mplayer, that makes the picture right
> and then unmute the sound using the sysfs interface.

That's very strange.  If you just feed mplayer an mpeg2 file does it still
do this?  If not, then try this:

cat /dev/video0 >/tmp/foo.mpg # or /dev/video1 or whatever
^C # after a few seconds
mplayer foo.mpg

Do this without your xawtv workaround.  Does it still screw up?  Can you
transfer that foo.mpg to another machine and see the same problem?  I'm
trying to figure out if this is mplayer (or maybe your video driver) or if
it is the driver.

> Mplayer+alsa gave me some shit too, but that't not related to the pvrusb2
> driver.
> For people running Mac Mini, check out http://www.pvv.org/~perchrh/macmini/,
> you need alsa-lib version 1.0.9rc3 or later.
> Those versions doesn't work well with mplayer, it seems.
> I get "alsa-space: xrun of at least ..." error with mplayer-cvs from today and
> the latest stable plus an assortment of cvs versions from in-between latest
> stable and latest from cvs.
> Solution was to use artsd. Arts version 1.4.0 works well with my alsa driver
> and with mplayer.
> Cheers,


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