[pvrusb2] WinTV-PVR-USB2 Media Center Kit model 99016

Roger J. Allen rja at firkraag.rogera.net
Tue Feb 7 04:29:09 CST 2006


My first pvrusb2 box was labeled at the top:
personal video recorder

and at the bottom:
model 941

This new pvrusb2 box is labeled at the top:
personal video recorder
Media Center Kit

and at the bottom:
model 99016

It looks like it is the same REV D2A3 as the one that Mike Isely
had to return because it would change to black and white.  So
far, I havn't had any problems after getting it configured with
Fedora Core 4 and kernel-smp-2.6.15-1.1830_FC4 and atrpms
lirc-kmdl-2.6.15-1.1830_FC4smp-0.8.0-55.rhfc4.at and

Linux video capture interface: v1.00
pvrusb2 pvr_init
pvrusb2 pvr2_hdw_create: hdw=f7dfe000
pvrusb2 Driver unit number is 0, name is pvrusb2_a
pvrusb2 subsys_stream_mask: 0x1e
pvrusb2 pvr_probe(pvr=f73a6180)
usbcore: registered new driver pvrusb2
/usr/local/src/pvrusb2/pvrusb2-mci-20060121/driver/pvrusb2-main.c: Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB2 MPEG2 Encoder/Tuner : 20060121 (from www.isely.net)
/usr/local/src/pvrusb2/pvrusb2-mci-20060121/driver/pvrusb2-main.c: Debug mask is 16834943 (0x100e17f)pvrusb2 pvr2_hdw_setup(hdw=f7dfe000) begin
pvrusb2 Performing a device reset...
usb 1-1.1.3: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 7
tuner 0-0061: chip found @ 0xc2 (pvrusb2_a)
pvrusb2 i2c_attach [client=(tuner unset) @ 0x61 ctxt=f6c796c0]
msp3400 0-0040: chip=MSP3445G-B8 +nicam +simple +simpler +radio mode=simpler
msp3400 0-0040: msp34xxg daemon started
pvrusb2 i2c_attach [client=MSP3445G-B8 @ 0x40 ctxt=f6c79580]
saa7115 0-0021: saa7115 found @ 0x42 (pvrusb2_a)
pvrusb2 i2c_attach [client=saa7115 @ 0x21 ctxt=f6c795c0]
tda9887 0-0043: chip found @ 0x86 (pvrusb2_a)
pvrusb2 i2c_attach [client=tda9887 @ 0x43 ctxt=f6c17960]
pvrusb2 pvr2_upload_firmware2
pvrusb2 Requesting uproc soft reset
pvrusb2 Requesting uproc hard reset
pvrusb2 upload of pvrusb2.f2 : 262144 / 262144
tveeprom 0-0050: Hauppauge model 29032, rev D2A3, serial# 8257134
tveeprom 0-0050: tuner model is TCL MFNM05-4 (idx 103, type 43)
tveeprom 0-0050: TV standards NTSC(M) (eeprom 0x08)
tveeprom 0-0050: audio processor is MSP3445 (idx 12)
tveeprom 0-0050: decoder processor is SAA7115 (idx 19)
tveeprom 0-0050: has radio, has IR remote
pvrusb2 eeprom detected v4l tveeprom module
pvrusb2 eeprom direct call results:
pvrusb2 has_radio=1
pvrusb2 tuner_type=43
pvrusb2 tuner_formats=0x1000
pvrusb2 audio_processor=10
pvrusb2 model=29032
pvrusb2 revision=9513043
pvrusb2 serial_number=8257134
pvrusb2 rev_str=D2A3
tuner 0-0061: type set to 43 (Philips NTSC MK3 (FM1236MK3 or FM1236/F))
lirc_i2c: chip found @ 0x18 (Hauppauge IR)
pvrusb2 i2c_attach [client=Hauppauge IR @ 0x18 ctxt=f6cccd00]
pvrusb2 Probed: ctxt=f6cccd00 ctl_mask=0x2f Hauppauge IR @ 0x18 [v4l2_standard v4l2_bcsh v4l2_volume
v4l2_freq v4l2_size]
pvrusb2 i2c v4l2 set_standard(0)
pvrusb2 i2c v4l2 set_bcsh b=128 c=68 s=64 h=0
pvrusb2 i2c v4l2 set_volume(vol=65535 bal=0 bas=0 treb=0 mute=0)
pvrusb2 i2c v4l2 set_freq(175250000)
pvrusb2 i2c v4l2 set_size(720x480)
lirc_dev: lirc_register_plugin: sample_rate: 10

In addition to the lirc_i2c IR receiver on the pvrusb2,
it comes with the "beanbag" MCE USB SMK eHome Transceiver, blaster,
and a 44-button MCE RC-6 remote:


So far as I know, there is no Linux support for the blaster.
I guess that the blaster will only work with WinXP MCE.

The USB SMK eHome Transceiver uses the lirc_mceusb2 driverr:

lirc_dev: lirc_register_plugin: sample_rate: 0
lirc_mceusb2[3]: SMK eHome Infrared Transceiver on usb2:3
usbcore: registered new driver lirc_mceusb2

You can use either the lirc_i2c with the pvrusb2 IR receiver,
or the lirc_mceusb2 with the USB SMK transceiver, or both
at the same time.  The "old" silver remote with the four colored
buttons works with both drivers.  I guess that the USB transceiver
could be attached to a different frontend computer while the pvrusb2
is connected to a backend computer in a different room.

I started with remotes/mceusb/lircd.conf.mceusb from
lirc-0.8.0.tar.bz2, which is a Philips MCE remote,
and changed the button codes to match the ones in
pvrusb2-mci-20060121/misc/lircd.conf.  I renamed it to

If you want to be able to use both remotes, just append it:

cat lircd.conf.haupauge-mcekit >> /etc/lircd.conf

The MCE remote is missing these buttons:


The MCE remote has these new buttons:

HOME (That big green button in the middle with a Windows logo on it)
MORE (has an "i" on the button like the "MENU" button on the silver remote)

To replace the GO, MENU, and PREV buttons, I picked:

ENTER    for GO
MORE     for PREV

I don't have a Media Center PC to test it with Windows MCE, but
with WinXP, the WinTV 2000 program does work with it.

Roger J. Allen
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# RC-6 config file
# source: http://home.hccnet.nl/m.majoor/projects__remote_control.htm
#         http://home.hccnet.nl/m.majoor/pronto.pdf
# used by: Philips
# Philips Media Center Edition remote control
# For use with the USB MCE ir receiver
# Dan Conti  dconti|acm.wwu.edu
# Updated with codes for MCE 2005 Remote additional buttons
# *, #, Teletext, Red, Green, Yellow & Blue Buttons
# Note: TV power button transmits no code until programmed.
# Updated 12th September 2005
# Graham Auld - mce|graham.auld.me.uk
# Radio, Print, RecTV are only available on the HP Media Center remote control
# Updated 2 Feb 2006
# Roger J. Allen
# change buttons to match Hauppauge Media Center Kit remote control
# used with WinTV-PVR-USB2 MCE-Kit model 99016

begin remote

  name hauppauge-mcekit
  bits           16
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  header       2667   889
  one           444   444
  zero          444   444
  pre_data_bits 21
  pre_data      0x37FF0
  gap          105000
  toggle_bit     22
  rc6_mask     0x100000000

      begin codes

        VIDEOS   0x00007bb5
        PICTURES 0x00007bb6
        RECTV    0x00007bb7
        MUSIC    0x00007bb8
        TV       0x00007bb9

        GUIDE    0x00007bd9
        LIVETV   0x00007bda
#       DVDMENU  0x00007bdb
        MENU     0x00007bdb
       BACK/EXIT 0x00007bdc
        OK       0x00007bdd
        RIGHT    0x00007bde
        LEFT     0x00007bdf
        DOWN     0x00007be0
        UP       0x00007be1

        STAR     0x00007be2
        POUND    0x00007be3

        REPLAY   0x00007be4
        SKIP     0x00007be5
        STOP     0x00007be6
        PAUSE    0x00007be7
        RECORD   0x00007be8
        PLAY     0x00007be9
        REWIND   0x00007bea
        FFW      0x00007beb
        CH-      0x00007bec
        CH+      0x00007bed
        VOL-     0x00007bee
        VOL+     0x00007bef
#       MORE     0x00007bf0
        PREV     0x00007bf0
        MUTE     0x00007bf1
        HOME     0x00007bf2
        POWER    0x00007bf3
#       ENTER    0x00007bf4
        GO       0x00007bf4
        CLEAR    0x00007bf5
        9        0x00007bf6
        8        0x00007bf7
        7        0x00007bf8
        6        0x00007bf9
        5        0x00007bfa
        4        0x00007bfb
        3        0x00007bfc
        2        0x00007bfd
        1        0x00007bfe
        0        0x00007bff
      end codes

end remote

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