[pvrusb2] Different Device ID

Martin Andrew Galese martin at galese.net
Sat Feb 11 12:51:54 CST 2006


I just bought a winTV-PVR USB 2 device from Amazon. I was able to compile and 
load the pvrusb2 driver without incident. There wasn't. however, any 
recognition of the device when I plugged it in. I double checked that I 
placed the extracted firmware in the correct location.

I noticed that the Device ID of my PVR USB2 was different. My device seems to 
be 2040:2400. I tried changing the device ID in the pvrusb2-main.c file. Once 
I did that and recompiled, the device was detected. However, after a long 
string of "Attempted to execute control transfer when device is not ok", the 
process ended with a message the device appears to be jammed.

Does any one have any suggestions or advice? I'd appreciate it. Please let me 
know if you need more information to help me.

Thanks in advance!
Martin Galese

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