[pvrusb2] PVR USB2 usb id change

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Tue Feb 28 18:04:54 CST 2006


You're the third person to encounter this issue.  Yes, Hauppauge has 
respun the hardware and the existing driver currently won't work with it.

I've been working over the past week to update the driver to operate the 
new hardware, but without a device in hand it's kind of slow.  While I 
appreciate the offer of ssh access, this sort of testing will require root 
access, reboots, and (as you guessed) more snooping in Windows.  In fact 
right now the driver is unable to load the FX2 firmware on this new device 
which means the only way to test anything with it is to first boot to 
Windows and THEN go over to Linux :-(

I'll add you to my (growing) list of people volunteering to test.  In the 
mean time I'm hoping to get a sample of this new device.

By the way, the situation is not *that* grim.  I haven't hit anything that 
I consider not solvable.  It's just going to take more time.  I think I 
already have a fairly good understanding of what has changed in the 


On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Barry Jett wrote:

> Bill  ( and Mike),
> Providing Mike ssh access to a live machine is doable.
> I could put together a clean machine for Mike to test .
> I am most willing, as well, to be a 'proxy' tester and  provide a
> plethora of Debian/Ubuntu/Mandrake syslog listings and WinXP/
> Win2k  usbsnoop logs on my current (dual boot) machine.
> Barry
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