[pvrusb2] New driver snapshot: pvrusb2-mci-20070119

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Sun Jan 21 14:31:07 CST 2007

On Sat, 20 Jan 2007, Rick Macdonald wrote:

> I see a problem with "v4l-info" with the latest driver snapshots 
> compared to the one that comes with the 2.6.18-3 kernel. v4l-info runs 
> OK with the kernel version,  but the new snapshots get stuck in a loop 
> printing the "tuners" section forever, incrementing the tuner number. I 
> can alternately remove and reload the two driver versions and see the 
> problem come and go. 20070114 had the problem as well. A diff of the two 
> files is hard to look at because the order changes, but a "?" in the 
> "general info/capabilities" values caught my eye.


I've found and fixed this.  The implementation for VIDIOC_G_TUNER needs 
to check the incoming index and only return info for index zero.  The 
next snapshot (hopefully today) will have the fix.


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