[pvrusb2] video corruption update

Mark Brand mabrand at mabrand.nl
Sun Jan 28 04:00:49 CST 2007

Mike Isely wrote:
> I've been looking further into the video corruption issue.  I have some 
> good news, and some well, "neutral" news.
> The good news is that I think I've completely solved the problem for 
> 24xxx devices.  No more tearing / corruption at all anymore when doing 
> things that disrupt the video signal (e.g. change channels).
> The "neutral" news is that while that problem is also gone for 29xxx 
> devices, I'm seeing other issues on the 29xxx hardware: sync problems, 
> stuttering, "slideshow" video, etc.  These all start after abusing the 
> hardware enough times by rapidly changing channels.  It _never_ seems to 
> happen when streaming is first started.  It's also less likely to happen 
> than the tearing / corruption problem was - so it might not have been so 
> easily noticed as the other problem.

For what it's worth, I've never been lucky enough to see the "slideshow"
phenomenon using your driver. But the description reminds me of a
frequent problem I used to have using Hauppauge's own drivers and
software on that other operating system. As I recall, the problem only
affected the video displayed on the screen. Restarting wintv2000 seemed
to fix it. Video captured to files never seemed to have the problem.


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