[pvrusb2] vertical black lines in the video

Hans Verkuil hverkuil at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 30 05:06:47 CST 2007

> Στις ΔεÏ
τέρα 29 ΙανοÏ
άριος 2007 19:20, ο/η devsk
> έγραψε:
>> Hi,
>> I see vertical black lines in some of the channels, which look more like
>> vertical interlace. e.g.
>> http://home.comcast.net/~funtoos/vertical-lines.png
>> Do you know if some sysfs setting can get rid of these? They are
>> prominently present on channel 2 (KTVU) but are seen some other channels
>> as
>> well. These are not seen on the normal tv set.
> Well, I don 't have a solution for you, but I find it curious that a
> similar
> problem was reported at #v4l a few hours ago. Hans Verkuil said that it
> didn 't ring any bell, but the other reporter was also using a cx25840
> device
> (a wintv PVR-150) and was also from the US (NTSC-M).
> So maybe this is not a coincidence and this points to a bug in this module
> when combined with this specific tvnorm (??)

I suspect that if it was caused by the cx25840 then I would have had a lot
of complaints. It looks like interference to me, so it is either cabling
or insufficient shielding, or it is the tuner model that is perhaps not
programmed correctly. What tuner is reported? The model reported on IRC

 tveeprom 5-0050: tuner model is LG TAPE H001F MK3 (idx 68, type 47)



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