[pvrusb2] Newbie Question Switch Audio Input

michael papet mpapet at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 11:50:42 CST 2007

First, thanks for the great work on the driver.  Once I got the firmware
extracted, it works great on Debian Etch.

Second, I'm attempting to use freevo with fmtools (
http://www.stanford.edu/~blp/fmtools/) as the radio tuner but it appears
fmtools can't/doesn't switch to radio input.  Your usage page says "Change
the input selection to "radio""  but how do I do that on the command line?
For example, the fmtools command for listening is "fm 88.9 on".  What do I
prepend onto that command to be sure the driver has switched audio to the fm
tuner?  (I'm obviously using the latest driver)

As an aside, I understand that the ivtv project is for the pci cards, but is
it possible to use ivtv applications with pvrusb2? Freevo can use ivtv
apps.  I could not use the ivtv applications straight away, so I figure it's
either not compatible or I don't know the command line kung fu to get it



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