[pvrusb2] Newbie Question Switch Audio Input

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Wed Mar 7 08:57:05 CST 2007

On Mon, 5 Mar 2007, michael papet wrote:

> First, thanks for the great work on the driver.  Once I got the firmware
> extracted, it works great on Debian Etch.
> Second, I'm attempting to use freevo with fmtools (
> http://www.stanford.edu/~blp/fmtools/) as the radio tuner but it appears
> fmtools can't/doesn't switch to radio input.  Your usage page says "Change
> the input selection to "radio""  but how do I do that on the command line?
> For example, the fmtools command for listening is "fm 88.9 on".  What do I
> prepend onto that command to be sure the driver has switched audio to the fm
> tuner?  (I'm obviously using the latest driver)

A quick and dirty way to change the input is via sysfs.  There's an 
"input" control you can set to do this.  Another means is through the 
V4L API; any V4L app (e.g. xawtv) can access that API to change the 
input.  You can also simply open the /dev/radio0 (or whatever it's named 
on your system) device node - doing that will imply a switch to radio 

> As an aside, I understand that the ivtv project is for the pci cards, but is
> it possible to use ivtv applications with pvrusb2? Freevo can use ivtv
> apps.  I could not use the ivtv applications straight away, so I figure it's
> either not compatible or I don't know the command line kung fu to get it
> going.

Within limits, yes this should be doable.  But you'll want to use very 
recent versions of the various ivtv tools.  Older versions of ivtv used 
an API that was completely private to ivtv, while more recent versions 
have standardized on a new set of mpeg extensions which the pvrusb2 
driver also implements.  Those new extensions were created by the ivtv 
maintainer as part of his work to bring the ivtv driver into the v4l-dvb 
tree (and then ultimately the kernel tree).


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