[pvrusb2] FAQ addendum for 4:3 recording resolutions

roger roger at eskimo.com
Sat Mar 10 16:03:36 CST 2007

I think this should be added to the FAQ for the pvrusb2 device.

The default recording resolution is 720x480, which is not 4:3.

So, if you plan on recording regular tv/cable broadcasts as I do, it's
probably best to record shows using a 4:3 compatible resolution such as
640x480 or 352x240.  (There are several other variations of resolutions
compatible for 4:3.)

This recording 4:3 shows in a non-compatible 4:3 resolution is also
responsible for the "black bar on sides" issues and aspect problems.

(I think the above is correct, and if so, probably should be added to
the fact because I think it's less probable people are using the tuner
device to record HDTV or other sources through the composite input.)

(Now, if I only can get Mythtv to provide good de-interlacing via it's
transcoders as I doubt we'll be having blue tubes will be making a come
back anytime soon.)

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Sat Mar 10 14:03:31 PST 2007

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