[pvrusb2] terratec grabster av400.. short report..

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Thu Mar 15 13:54:48 CDT 2007

Andrea Venturi wrote:
> hi.
> this is my first post in this mailing list.
> i have just acquired one terratec grabster av400.
> http://www.terratec.it/prodotti/video_editing/grabster_av400_mk2.shtml
> this is the link for a 6.1 MB driver:
> http://supporten.terratec.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file=index&req=getit&lid=1000
> it's should be the same of the Yuan "TigerBird BMP837" or Conexant
> (reference design?!) Conexant Python2  devices..
> this is the usual HW usb mpeg2 encoder based on the CX23416:
> http://www.terratec.it/prodotti/video_editing/grabster_av400/board.JPG
> there's no tuner, and the main chips are:
> - Conexant 	CX25837-44 	Video Decoder
> - Conexant 	CX23416-12 	Encoder Mpeg2
> - Cypress 	CY7C68013 	Driver USB

It *should* be trivial to get this device supported by the pvrusb2 driver.

For a quick test, you should edit the pvrusb2 driver, replacing the usb ids of
the 24xxx device with the usb ids of your terratec device.  I would expect it to
work out-of-the-box after that change.  firmware can be downloaded at:

Let us know what happens!


Michael Krufky

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