[pvrusb2] First Impressions with a Hauppauge WInTV HVR-950

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Mar 20 14:46:24 CDT 2007

roger wrote:
> It's why I've been doing my part and complaining there are no Digital
> ATSC pvrusb2's yet.  And, if they don't have the motivation, they should
> pay Mike lots of money to take up the initiative. :-)

There *is* a digital atsc pvrusb2 out there already... It just isnt fully
supported yet.


Mike and I are already both working on this device.  Mike has found that the
device works already without any significant modification to the pvrusb2 code,
although we need to work in support for the cs53l32a adc in order to get audio
in the mpeg stream.

For the digital side, I have an experimental driver:


My driver is *not* reliable.... the device only works after a strange sequence
of power-cycles.

I have started working on the digital tuning support to be embedded within the
pvrusb2 driver, but I've been extremely busy lately, and havent been able to
touch that for weeks.  I am under the impression, that once I merge my code into
the pvrusb2 driver, it will no longer need the power-cycles in order to function
properly.  (I suspect that the cx23416 encoder chip needs to be woken up
properly, and that should alleviate the problem).

I've already re-written all of the DVB API support for this device, all I have
yet to finish is gluing this code into the already existing urb handling code of
the pvrusb2 driver.


MORE ATSC-Capable devices containing hardware analog-mpeg encoders/....

Hauppauge has some new PCI and PCIe cards coming out that support raw analog,
mpeg-encoded analog, and ATSC...  Mike isn't involved in the development of
those devices, but they ARE being worked on by good people.  For instance,
hvr1600, hvr1800....

You can expect even more of these devices to begin appearing soon, as per the
new fcc regulations that state that no new television receiver equipment should
be sold in the US without digital tuning capabilities.

... no need to complain, Roger ...  technology is in fact progressing ;-)



Michael Krufky

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