[pvrusb2] New driver snapshot: pvrusb2-mci-20100221

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Sun Feb 21 13:50:52 CST 2010

A new pvrusb2 driver snapshot is available.  The changes are:

  (+) Selectively enforce a 300msec quiet period between the time when
      the video digitizer is started and when the encoder is started.
      For devices which use an saa7115 video digitizer, this has been
      observed to solve sporadic black video problems on streaming
      startup.  The delay is only implemented when a saa7115 is being
      used.  Thanks go to Martin Dauskardt <martin.dauskardt at gmx.de>
      for solving this.  With this change, we also shorten the encoder
      configuration wait (now determined to have not been needed).

  (+) Pull in change from v4l-dvb which implements stream on/off
      control for audio sub-devices, when the functionality is
      available.  This may reduce incidences of tinny audio on

  (+) Misc other changes to maintain interoperability with the v4l-dvb
      subsystem (all implemented here to be backwards compatible).

As usual, the pvrusb2 web site can be found at:




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