[pvrusb2] Bottom Border Video Artifact Problem

Bob Freemer bob.freemer at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 12:25:18 CST 2010

Thanks, Mike for all your hard work on the driver.  It's quite a piece of

I have video capture working great (system info below) with one exception.

A small line (a few pixels or so) of garbled pixels shows up in all my
captures.  The line appears to me a digital artifact (looks like when stream
is lost).  It only shows up at the bottom as I say, and does not affect
other parts of the video.  This line appears when capturing from RCA inputs
(I haven't tried the tuner) and NTSC.  I've verified it appears with
multiple video sources, so is unlikely a problem with the analog input

Of course I could crop it out in post-processing, but I wonder if there is a
setting that may correct this?

I've reviewed all the postings on this list and gone through all the
ctl_video parameters without finding anything that looks promising.

Any suggestions?  I could certainly attach a capured frame if attachments
are allowed on the list.

Many thanks for any suggestions!

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