[pvrusb2] IR Support with the hvr-1950?

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Sat Feb 27 10:26:20 CST 2010

On Mon, 22 Feb 2010, tedrock wrote:

> I posted this on the mythtvtalk forums and someone suggested I check out
> your fine mailing list. First some history
> It's a brand new 1950
> I'm using Mythbuntu 9.10 64bit
> I can watch tv using the device sort of... (I can only use s-video or
> composite, the "television"/analog option just produces black video, and yes
> I am giving it the correct output channel. I'll worry about this issue
> later)

The television input is for NTSC video, which is pretty much extinct in 
the USA as far as over-the-air is concerned.  You might still be able to 
use that input for cable TV or I believe a few smaller OTA TV stations.

To capture digital TV, a.k.a. ATSC, you have to use the DVB interface 
into the driver.

> Now the problem. I cannot get the blaster or IR receiver to work. I've tried
> many things with LIRC, at first it would just fail when I'd try to start it
> up but that's been resolved but I still cannot get it to detect the IR
> Blaster or Receiver offered by the 1950. From what I've gathered from this
> forum post (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1402091) the remote
> function worked in 9.04 but it only recently stopped working in 9.10.
> I just want to know if anyone here has either the blaster or the ir receiver
> (remote) working and if you can point me in the right direction in getting
> them to work myself.

This has been a minefield.  There have been changes over the past year 
in V4L/DVB that affect IR drivers.  The pvrusb2 driver is compatible 
with the changes but out-of-tree things like LIRC need to be in sync 
with it.

You might also be contending with another IR driver that is internal to 
V4L/DVB, ir-kbd-i2c.  That module is an IR driver that attempts to map 
IR events into kernel input events.  Frankly I don't consider it 
anywhere near as flexible as LIRC but it might be getting in your way.  
Do an lsmod and see if "ir_kbd_i2c" shows up.  With the IR changes in 
V4L/DVB, the kernel might be loading that module in preference to what 
you want.

I am not anything close to an IR expert here.  All I can tell you is 
that the pvrusb2 driver is doing what it is supposed to be doing in 
order to make the IR hardware available to an outside driver.  Beyond 
that, if anyone here can supply some useful information about this...



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