[pvrusb2] Only 6 lines in dmesg for OnAir GT

Dean red1 at linuxstation.net
Sun Feb 28 19:52:04 CST 2010

Mike Isely wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Feb 2010, Dean wrote:
>> I tried your suggestions only with Mandriva, not the other four 
>> distros.  So far I've not been able to load the driver in Mandriva.  
>> By the way, it looks like all of Mandriva's kernel drivers/modules 
>> exist on the disk only as .gz files.
> Well there must be something in that distro that auto-unzips modules as 
> they are needed.  First I've ever heard of that, though it does make 
> some sense to have something like that.
>> I looked in some of my log files for any record of the USB stack 
>> calling the kernel module.  I don't know much about it but it seems 
>> like there should be some log that says a certain module has been 
>> called and found/not found.  Unfortunately I didn't find any such 
>> logs, and as this is not my area of expertise I opened a Mandriva bug 
>> report about the issue.
> You won't find any such thing in the log.
>> I have a working HVR-850 which uses the em28xx kernel module.  I was 
>> able to replicate the pvrusb2 problem with the HVR-850 just by 
>> renaming the em28xx directory where it's .gz drivers are stored.  
>> After renaming, connecting the HVR-850 resulted in just a few lines, 
>> maybe 6, in dmesg buffer, and no error message.
> What is *supposed* to happen is that the USB ID of the device should 
> trigger the loading of the pvrusb2 module.  Once loaded, the pvrusb2 
> module is logically attached to the pvrusb2 module and everything works.
> Everything you've described to this point suggests that your device is 
> not being associated with the pvrusb2 module.  This is surprising since 
> the device you are trying to run has worked with the pvrusb2 module for 
> quite some time.  The kernel version you listed should have been recent 
> enough.
> I just realized something here, and I'm sorry I didn't realize this 
> earlier.  You're running an OnAir GT?  That is an entirely different 
> device, not supported by the pvrusb2 driver.  That would explain 
> everything you've observed.
>   -Mike

Yes, I have the OnAir GT.  Initially I had confused it with the OnAir Creator.

How can I find out what chips are used in the GT model?  Is there some software tool you guys use, or do you just open the units and have a look at what's inside?


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